If Terence Conran could sell French country style to the English in the 20th century, why shouldn't I sell English patisserie to the French in the 21st century?
If only it were that easy. I hadn't reckoned on French bureaucracy, weather and good old xenophobia. But hey, life on the traditional French markets is full of surprises so I thought I should share them with the wider world.
After 20 years living in the centre of uber style-conscious London, I shipped out to live in the rural bliss of west central France, leaving all semblance of chic and style behind me together with my manicured nails to live in muddy boots and ripped jeans to work on the 'renovation of our French country ruin'. Eventually finding a need for contact with humanity in whatever form, I came upon the idea of selling fairy cakes to the French. Only problem was; I didn't have a kitchen!
This blog will be a document to the success, or otherwise of my enterprise along with the tales, trials and emotional rollercoasters of life on the market in France. I hope you will enjoy.......

quintessentially English

quintessentially English
........but in France!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Savoury moments

One of the things I love about the French lifestyle is the evening tradition of 'aperitifs'. None of the English heavy drinking and eating on a weekend here, you can be invited to someone's home for aperitifs and it really does what it says - a quick drink, not a long drawn-out evening!
It was in this spirit that I decided to add a little something savory to my range on the market, hence my lovely smoked salmon and olive mini cakes, designed to be served sliced as nibbles with drinks on a summer's evening. It took a little while, playing around with quantities and proportions, but at last I think I've got it, a last improvement of more wholemeal flour and less butter to counteract the grease of the salmon and here they are ; succulent and tasty!
I made a handful to test the market today and sold all but one which I kept for myself as a treat for lunch, it was lovely with a fresh green salad which I bought from my friendly veg man next door. So I had better not invite anyone around tomorrow as I have already eaten the nibbles!

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